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Greinplast WLS


The modern Greinplast WLS varnish stain is based on modified alkyd-urethane resins with an impregnating function. Its unique composition of binders is enriched with the addition of UV filters. Designed to protect the wood. It is characterised by high flexibility, excellent adhesion to wood and durability of the coat. The product provides high protection against biodegradation in combination with the GREINPLAST WB BIOACTIVE WOOD PRIMING IMPREGNATING AGENT. Available in 15 colours according to Greinplast colour chart. The varnish stain is resistant to weather conditions, regulates humidity and enhances the natural beauty of the wood, providing high protection to the painted surfaces. It forms very durable, satin coat, highly resistant to weather conditions. The product protects wood, providing up to 6 years of protection.

It is used for making decorative and protective layers of the original or renovated garden architecture elements (e.g. fences, pergolas, summer houses, bridges, etc.), garden furniture, wooden façade elements, wood doors and windows and other wooden elements requiring this type of surface protection, to give them aesthetic and protective properties as well as to accentuate the natural look of the wood.

Unit packaging: 0.8 l, 2.4 l


Mix the product thoroughly before use and check the colour (do a test painting on a small area). The final colour effect depends on the thickness and number of applied layers, the type of wood, its surface finish and the method of varnish stain application. Wood protected with Greinplast WB should be covered with two or three layers of the product, depending on the absorbency of the substrate. Between applying subsequent coats leave the painted elements for about 24 hours – until dry. Before applying each subsequent coat, it is recommended to perform intermediate sanding to ensure better adhesion between coats. Each successive layer increases the gloss and intensity of the colour. The product should be applied with a brush, a roller or by spraying.

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