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Thin-layer plasters

Thin-layer plasters

  • Polyhydrosilicone dashed textured plaster Durasilex GREINPLAST TDB


Polyhydrosilicone dashed textured plaster Durasilex

Formulated on the basis of a hybrid binder dispersion produced using an innovative technology that allows uniform and durable formation of a polymer chain containing silicone-acrylic particles, silicone hydrophobic additives, mineral aggregate, water, organic and inorganic pigments, preservatives and modifiers
and coating protection agents. Used on external facades, to be applied manually. The product should be applied as a render on reinforced layers with GREINPLAST mesh, part of thermal insulation systems, at the earliest 3 days after application or on other typical mineral substrates such as concrete, cement plaster, cement-lime plaster, etc. after 28 days from application. It is an integral part of the product set in the corresponding GREINPLAST thermal insulation systems.

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