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  • Single-component hydroinsulating mortar GREINPLAST I1K


Single-component hydroinsulating mortar

A single-component, cement-based sealing mortar for creating watertight elastic crack filling coatings. A blend of portland cement, mineral aggregates, modifying and polymer dispersion powder additives - they improve el. The product is intended for sealing the sites endangered to constant damping and presence of water, such as, balconies, terraces, stairs, foundations, bathrooms, basements, etc. For creating elastic, scratch and crack filling seals of insulated surfaces in the areas of contact with the ground, which protect from damp and water, provided that it is not an outer layer (it should be shielded at all times). GREINPLAST I1K can be used as a surface shield, protecting it from penetration of water and dampness underneath the adhesive mortars for ceramic tiles in such places as for example: showers, bathrooms, sanitary assemblies, laundries, kitchens or under natural stone linings made of cement and lime-cement plasters, drywalls, concrete, cellular concrete, fully jointed walls, cement screeds, used as a hydro-insulation layer applied under the drainage layers of the GREINPLAST RSK GREINSTONE system.


Base preparation: The base needs to be solid, dry, free of adhesion diminishing substances. Non homogenous bases or those of a varied or increased absorbing capacity, need to be primed with an adequately diluted GREINPLAST UKP priming formula.
Mortar preparation: Pour the contents of the 15 kg packaging into ca. 4,50 litres of pure, cool water and mix until a uniform mass without lumps is obtained. Too much water might decrease the resistance parameters of the prepared hydroinsulation. The mortar can be used immediately after it has been mixed and preserves its work parameters for around 2 hours. Stir with a slow rotating mixer. Mix again after about 5 minutes.
Applying the mortar: First, use the sealing tape and corners to connect the adjacent surfaces. Carefully press the sealing tape and corners in to embed them into the previously applied sealing compound, using
a 4 mm notched trowel. Then, apply a layer of the compound, spread it evenly and leave to dry. Apply at least two layers of GREINPLAST I1K (using a criss-cross pattern), so that the thickness of the ready insulation is not less than 2-3 [mm]. Apply the GREINPLAST I1K hydro-insulation compound using a 4 mm notched trowel, each time levelling out the applied compound with the smooth part of the trowel. Allow to dry before applying the subsequent layers.

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Recommendations and remarks

Caution! The temperature of the ground and of the surroundings during the works and while the adhesive is drying up should be between +5°C and +25°C. The optimal temperature during the application: +20°C. All the tools need to be washed with water immediately after they have been used. Under inclement conditions of heat and humidity, the given times of treatment undergo significant changes.
The description on the packaging is aimed only at informing of the optimal use of the product, and does not constitute a basis for legal responsibility of the manufacturer, as the conditions under which the product will be used remain beyond the manufacturer's control. Meddling with the ingredients is inadmissible and might significantly diminish the quality of the product.

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